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  • FASO Artist Website: http://barbaraschilling.com

  • Year Born: 1955

  • 2017 AMerican Art Award recipient of 9 awards voted on by 25 top Galleries in The USA

  • Nationally recognized

  • Price Range: $600.00 - $4,000.00

The Artist Says:

"I love bold brushwork in a painting!  To me it is the textures as much as anything that create the energy in a painting. That's what makes a painting interesting and exciting. Holds the viewer in its grasp!" -Barbara Schilling 

Collectors Say:

"I love your paintings, Barbara! I love your degree of abstraction, your integration of space and color,
the way you communicate the essence of objects, and the freshness you are able to maintain while achieving it all!
Beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me!"  -Catherine Graves MFA

Dealers Say:

Our client picked up her painting today. She absolutely loved it! I thought you’d like to hear.

Other Artists Say:

I think that your paintings demonstrate a artistic skill that not many painters have or can achieve! Your flowers are lovely!


Barbara:  Your two paintings, this one and the smallest, arrived the other day - we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  I framed the Cobalt Vase last night and know exactly where I want it.  Although my entire wall in the dining room is filled with my paintings, I still have a few prime spots for my favorite artists.  Can’t wait until the next one arrives.  Thanks
Your art lowers my blood pressure, it's so gorgeous! Wishing continued happiness and success. Best
Barbara I can't stop looking at it it is magnificent. Thank you so much I'm so glad I purchased it before someone else saw it. I'm hanging it in my studio next to my easel so I can look at it all the time my friend that I paint with is also loving  it 
Barbara you knocked it out of the park with this one. I love the colors and brushstrokes as well as the dominant and sub - dominant values. Beautiful work!


Art is my way to reconnect to the solitude and beauty of the nature that surrounded me as a child.That emotional connection is there with every painting I do.I want to share that with others. It is so beautiful to look at a painting and feel so connected to the energy that lives within it.The presence can be so strong it can move you to laugher or even to tears.My work is about bringing positive energy. To share my joy, my gratitude, and a sense of the peace we all need more of in our lives.Art is so much more than just a pretty picture. Art is an emotion, a message, a dialog with the viewer.A Painting can go beyond surface beauty and take you to a memory, a fantasy, or a dream!I love BOLD BRUSHWORK and STRONG TEXTURES in my painting because they can be so expressive of the mood that I am trying to convey.The vibrations of energy in my work are the ultimate purpose behind my art. An emotionalconnection that can touch you each time you look at it.My PurposeI have been studying art my whole life.There has never been a time in mymemory when communicatingthrough my art was not important tome. For over 30 years I dedicated mytime in my career to restoring andconserving other's art treasures. It wasa very rewarding career, but now itis my time to share my own voice in myart.

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