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  • Price Range: $75.00 - $1,200.00
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Barbara Scheihing has loved to paint since she was a little girl.  Her artistic interests led to a BA degree in Art Studio where she experimented in different mediums including watercolor, graphic design and serigraphy.  She worked as a graphic artist and enjoyed illustrating and designing logos and displays for different companies.  Her desire to paint in watercolor, however, led her to focus solely on that medium today and now shows and sells her work in and around where she currently lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.   She has also taught watercolor painting through a local community college near Annapolis for 10 years in the Continuing Education Program.
"What drives me to focus on watercolor is the beautiful way that the paint colors flow into each other that no other medium can do.  If you want to be more controlled and realistic or just let it flow loose and free, you can do that.  The diversity of watercolor is what I continue to love and experiment with in new ways.  I have taken workshops with many talented and well-known artists around the country and in Europe, but in doing that, I also try to implement a little bit of what I have learned from each one.  It's very important to discover what you can do with it on your own, to create your own style and be a little different....it's not easy to do, but it evolves over time."   
Her subject matter ranges widely from landscape, still life, animals and people or just painting abstractly.   "I love changing what I paint depending on what moves me either from the emotional aspect of the subject or just the color that excites me about something I'm observing.  I don't like being boxed into a certain category of artist in that I only paint [...]

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