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Barbara Samora was born in Ohio and was raised in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virgina. She met her husband, who is her biggest fan and supporter and moved to Colorado in 1997. She currently lives in Alamosa with her family. She enjoys fishing, reading  and spending time with her grandchildren and her fur babies.
Barbara spends her days working within the revenue cycle of the healthcare industry.
“When I get home from work, it’s nice to be able to turn off the left side of my brain for a while and let the creativity flow! Painting is a great stress reliever. When the world around us gets so crazy and hectic, I just create my own peaceful world. I enjoy sharing my talent with other people and hope that my paintings can bring someone else a sense of peace."  
Barbara learned to paint by watching her artist grandmother. Although Barbara has no formal artistic training, she has learned to hone her skills through hard work and dedication to her craft over the years. She continues to strive to make her paintings more realistic. Although she paints in color, she specializes in landscapes rendered using titanium white and various hues of black oils paint.
 2004  Fall Show at the Gallery in the Park, LaVeta, Co  Honorable Mention "Proud Elk"
 2019  "Healing From the Heart" Show at the SLV Heath Artrium Alamosa, Co
 2020  Swoop of the Cranes, Monte Vista, CO. First Place
 2020  Juried in the Oil Painters of America Virtual Western Regional Exhibition
  Private collection, Denver, CO
  Private collection, Grand Junction, CO
  Private collection, Alamosa, CO
  Private collection, Curtis, NE
  Private collection, Troutman, NC
  Private collection, Las Vegas, NV

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