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Experience, interpretation, then expression is the pathway to painting for me.
Inspiration comes as I slow down and observe how light reveals something simple yet beautiful in my surroundings. The colors of sliced fruit or the texture of fabric or metal can lead to one painting or another.
At times an idea about how people think or interact sparks a painting. I search for and arrange objects in my studio environment to express concepts such as solitude, introspection, or inter-connectedness. I paint these still lifes symbolically in the clouds -- with clouds representing the spiritual, or peace, or freedom.
At other times being outdoors will lead to moments of keen observation which become the catalysts for paintings.
A painting speaks when I can see my original concept or influence realized in the image.


Barbara Peterson is an award-winning artist, a painter and instructor, formally trained at Pratt Institute in New York City. Barbara was influenced by her many class excursions to New York’s varied museums as a child. At Pratt she studied figure drawing, painting, and metal-working obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honor.
Barbara paints in oil to tell stories about the things she observes, both in nature and in people. Barbara has specialized in figure drawing and portraits in pastel as well as plein air and still life painting.
Barbara often combines traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic to create her “Transitions” series, the place where still life and landscape meet. In this series Barbara rearranges and paints the outer world to peer into the inner world of human relationships and interactions.
Barbara relocated to Indiana five years ago with her husband, John, to be closer to family. She enjoys the vast views of farmland and sky and the often spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
Her paintings have appeared in juried and museum shows. [...]

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