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For nearly 25 years I have had the opportunity to visit and live in one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the southwest. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains lies the Town of Telluride, located not far from the Four Corners area, in Colorado. 
For the past 10 years, I have been living in the "little box canyon with the great big views." Driven by the desire to become a photographer worthy of her subject – and being a believer in life-long learning – I went back to school and took in all I could about photography.
Telluride is not just a pretty face. The place is home to many who have a strong love of the arts.
 I was lucky enough to become friends with a group of local artists who took an interest in my photo work, offering support and kind criticism. My passion and their support motivated me to hang up my first camera and make the long-desired purchase of my very first Nikon digital camera.
Armed and dangerous, in Telluride, Denver, Sedona and New York City, I sat at the feet of some of the best photographers in America. They too offered strong critique, but also enough kudos to give me the courage to create this website for all the world to see. Today I live between the two cities of Telluride & Denver with my studio located in the "mile high city".
I hope you enjoy my landscapes and that my photos give you a sense of the beauty, fun, and folly that are part of the Telluride region and my travels.
Telluride Landscape Photos have been used by The Town of Telluride,  Arriva Headsets, Between the Covers Bookstore and Alpine Eyecare & Eyewear.
Barbara A Newby
[email protected]    970-729-1339 

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