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I grew up in Minnesota, but now reside in northern California, close to my beloved family and grandchildren.   Life, like Love, is expansive and filled with abundance. I say YES to my creative gifts and talents, choosing to share my inspiration and studio practice through a portfolio filled with color and energy.   My journey as an artist began nine years ago, when I had the opportunity to learn to paint from a third generation Italian artist. His grandfather was responsible for creating many of the massive sculptures that envelop the city of Rome. While working in his studio, I learned to bless my canvas before I began each new work, and to always spend some quiet time asking for Divine help for what I was about to paint. Acrylics were my medium, and my style was California Abstract Impressionism.   I continue to work with acrylic paints in my studio. In 2017, my artwork evolved, as I began pouring paint directly onto the canvas instead of using brushes. I continue the practice of blessing each new canvas and asking for help. That creates a space where love is amplified, for everything that flows through me when I work comes from my heart center.  

It is my desire to connect with your heart.   I feel that the purpose of my work is to add loving, uplifting energy to any environment. It may be your home or work space, where art helps to create a sanctuary, or a mood of balance and centeredness.

If my paintings make you smile, feel the presence of God, or want to explore more of the beauty in the world around you, my mission has been accomplished.   Enjoy!!

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