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As a child growing up with 4 sisters in a small town in East Tennessee, I was always entertaining myself by playing outside. I would use my imagination to envision a colorful landscape, with all of its natural habitats, filled with trees, the sky and especially the sunrises and sun sets. I would try to capture what I saw by putting together a drawing, albeit amateurish, but from the heart. I dreamed often of becoming an artist, but life took me in another direction.
My work as a successful independent Interior Designer for 30 years gave me an outlet for my creativity. I began my career with the desire to  produce a painting for each of my clients; however, time was limited due to the demands of work and raising a family. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to dabble with painting along the way and have produced a few paintings for my personal collection.
In 2016, retirement provided the time that I lacked in my previous career, and marriage to a writer provided the additional inspiration to launch my dream. A new found friendship with a local talented artist provided the foundation and structure to shape a "second Career" for me as an artist. I am now living my dream as my journey continues to becoming  the best artist I can be. 

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