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Personal, formative "Art History..."Originally from Minnesota, I moved to California in 2015 from Massachusetts, where I'd lived and raised my family since 1968. My formal artistic education includes work done at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy; the University of California, Berkeley, where I had the good fortune to study with the abstract expressionist painter, Adja Yunkers, and with David Hockney! Both were memorable and very inspiring experiences. At the University of Minnesota I received my Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a concentration in painting and printmaking. Aside from my personal art work, since 1986 I have been very active in helping clients create supportive, comfortable environments for home or work through my continuing practice as an architectural color consultant.Growing up in Minnesota amidst the paintings, stained glass and sculpture of my father, William Saltzman, I’ve lived in art-and-color-centered environments for my entire life. I took it for granted, and did not realize at the time, of course, what an impact that had—and would have in the future—but the more my person art work evolves, the more obvious it becomes. It’s been a fascinating journey. While my five children were young (now they are adults with their own families), my own art work was really on the back burner. But I am enjoying re-exploring that evolution.Over the years, I've enjoyed being published in and interviewed for a variety of national professional and shelter media, both in print and online, on the subject of supportive color design and color selecting for interiors and architecture.  Just a couple are on hgtv.com and Durability + Design...among others. You can see more on the Articles page.Recently published... I was recently invited to write two articles about the intersection of fine art and design. As a long-time professional color consultant as well as an artist, my perspective is unique. You can [...]

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