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  • FASO Artist Website: http://Barbara Jackson Fine Art

  • Year Born: 1939

  • Mentored by Thomas Thiery, an exceptionally talented Watercolorist.

  • Shown in several regional galleries

  • Began painting after 30 year retirement from USPS

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $600.00

The Artist Says:

Retire from work, but NEVER retire from life . . . an artist's life may be rough, but it's REALLY  living.


I am a self-taught artist who has tried my hand at many artistic ventures.  Born in 1939 and drawing at an early age, I honed my 'talent' on horses, with which my sole experience was through Saturday matinee westerns in Sylvania, Ohio.  I never bothered to add the cowboy - the horse was my center of attention.  
Years passed, as they tend to do, and work and family laid to rest the itch to interpret life with a brush.  After working as a Rural Mail Carrier in Brooklyn, Michigan for a number of years, the itch began again, and I signed up for ceramic classes at Ella Sharp Park, in Jackson, Michigan, then after a move to Adrian Michigan, I transferred my 'talent' to the faculty of Adrian College . . . but it wasn't long before I discovered my job as a rural carrier had left its imprint on my body in the form of arthritic hands.  I moved on to painting.  
Finding watercolor to my liking, and a teacher, Thomas Thiery, to lead me down that watery path, I began once again, where I had left off many years ago.  Before long, curiosity pointed me to oils, and very lately, to pastels.  But when I feel a cartoon coming on, I reach for the acrylics . . .
I have always been a supporter of nature and scientific truths, and my paintings display my love of the sea and the natural world, and I offer them as a warning to all about the great responsibility we have to the preservation of Earth, the only home we will ever know.  My paintings represent the most mysterious, and least trammeled aspect of our home base on Earth, the sea.  May we all 'wake up' in time . . .
I reside in Adrian, MI., and [...]

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