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I have been pursuing a BFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA since 2015 as an online student. It was after taking my first figure drawing course that I realized I was passionate about drawing and painting figures and portraits. When drawing, I use charcoal, graphite, pastels and conte pushing around the mediums with my fingers or my chamois to get my values blended on paper.
Mixed media painting and drawing is a passion of mine. I love how some paintings get that extra bit of pop using multiple mediums, such as adding ink and gouache or even crayons to pastels, acrylics, and watercolors. I also love to paint with oils using brushes and palette knives. I paint in the painterly style as well as blending with brushes and even my fingers. I have recently added printmaking to my set of skills and love the intaglio technique with adding aquatint and even monotype to my prints.
Some of my influences for my paintings and prints are Caravaggio and Dürer. I love Caravaggio’s dramatic use of lighting and Dürer’s engravings filled with minute details. A more recent artist influence is Max Ferguson from New York. I love that he portrays the figure in such a way that you can interpret them doing something or about to do something such as in his painting Time. Each of his paintings tell a story, which is what I want my paintings and prints to suggest. 
Most of the time I get so engrossed in my work that I tune everything else out around me. I am so mesmerized with drawing and painting the human figure that I am blissfully spellbound. I love all types of figure drawing and painting, whether it be just the hands or feet or the entire body, nude and clothed. [...]

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