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Painting takes me to beautiful places-full of color, often breathtaking.
I have received such pleasure that was discovered through painting only to begin as an adult.  The commitment and zeal for art satisfies me in many ways.  Painting is exhilarating although also a peaceful experience.  The passion for art begins as I look at the paintings of Renior painting in the garden.  However, Georgia O'Keefe's art influenced the floral art that I have painted.
Deep roots in the Texas Panhandle come from my families that were pioneers.
Many people enjoy flowers.  I have worked and planned flower gardens as a volunteer at the nursing home, garden club at the city park, and the environmental outdoor classroom.  Visualizing what the gardens will look like the next season after plans are made for the composition, much the same as colors on a canvas.
I owned several horses.  Two were broke to ride with systematic instructions from a neighbor.  The horses were sold and now my fulfillment is in painting them.  Painting horses gives me a closeness to what I would really like to have.

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