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I paint emotive abstract works in oil and cold wax that can take a viewer from deep into a micro-view of the world to a macro-view of vistas and beyond.
Working abstractly intrigues me, and allows me to demonstrate that abstract images inspire, soothe and change our outlook on life.  Drawn deeply into the chosen artwork, one can experience diverse connections, emotions and discoveries with each viewing. 
I am on a mission to design and create elegant abstract images that enhance contemporary living spaces.  My focus is to produce dynamic, personal artworks in a variety of sizes that beautify and enliven large and small environments.
You are individualistic and profound.  You want to reflect these qualities in your personal style.  My artwork helps you to present your home/office/workplace as your own unique and luminous space.
Some observers may think of abstract painting as artwork that can be created by anyone, anytime. Or as something that can be created with ease. Or as an endeavour that is meaningless. Or as something that is strictly for “intellectuals”. The fact is, as in any art making activity, committed artists who work in an abstract manner pursue themes, specific intentions, and visions in their artwork.
Intuition and experimentation can combine with planning and strong basic art-making skills, to guide the abstract artist towards an unknown emotional and artistic completeness. An abstract painter is much like a dancer, who, through movement, shifts between the push of pure inspiration and the pull of logical thought and skill, telling an emotional story.
Seeking balance between this push and pull of art-making that I felt, I returned, after many years, to using oil paint. This time, additions of cold wax enhanced my artistic expression. Mixing cold wax medium with oil colours, I apply many layers of [...]

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