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Before starting any painting, I always ask myself what drew me to this particular scene; such as, the lights and shadows falling on the scene, the quality of the light glancing off the distant mountains, the colors and panorama of the majestic hills and grasses?  When I am painting on location, I try to capture a moment in time that catches the essence of the scene quickly with vibrant color and loose brushwork.  The light changes quickly as it moves across the sky so I select a canvas size suitable for capturing the scene in a couple of hours.
I'm drawn to the contrast of light against dark so often I will start with a quick sketch of the scene in black and white showing the shapes of what is in the light and what is in shadow as that can change even before you can capture the scene in paint.  I also try to take a picture of the scene should I need to refer back to it later in the studio.  Of course, the best laid plans can often go out the window when I paint in early morning or late afternoon and am enthralled by the glorious colors of sunrise and sunset.  Then I just try to capture what I'm seeing as quickly as a can. 
If the resulting painting captures the beauty of what drew me to the scene, then I'm happy to have a successful study.  Sometimes the study itself is a finished painting.  I've learned over the years that any scene can capture my interest and imagination.  It does not have to be majestic as long as the shapes are interesting and there is sufficient contrast between lights and shadows.
Barbara has lived in many places.  Her early childhood was spent in the South - born in [...]

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