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Armstrong SBD Arts is the online gallery home for the artworks of Barbara Armstrong and Dean Armstrong.
BARBARA ARMSTRONG creates both 2D and 3D artworks. 
Barbara works in a wide variety of non-traditional painting materials including jeweler's wire, and permanent markers, pigment pens, pastels and other dry media, and in found materials and some fabrics. Craft-based projects include Dia de los Muertos light sets, astrological dragon cards and "portraits" and other images on greeting cards and assorted other craft process and decorative artworks. 
She has done props design and construction, and created costume designs for live theater productions. Barbara designs and creates costume pieces and props for Dean's body painting and makeup character creations, and joins his team in body painting projects. She created the costume for Dean's Yeti Amazon body painting project in Dec. 2015, and shared painting and props responsibilities for both the Genie project and the Woodland Sprite projects. She is a member of his Dallas Makeup Crewe.
Barbara's artworks series (all ongoing) include:
Crochet from the Edge or Atomic Brand series - Newest works, in progress as of Dec. 2017, combine crochet, and other needlework and yarn based processes and painting, drawing, and digital printing with a decidedly pop art point of view on the contemporary political and social world. Tentative series titles include Crochet from the Edge and Atomic Brand.
LINES and LIFELINES are series of 2D/3D mixed media works that combine 2D drawing/painting with 3D relief sculpture wire work and readymade objects. LIFELINES pieces are abstract and figurative, while LINES are nonrepresentational. 
CLOUD DREAMING - photo-realistic cloud images with a imaginative twist painted in acrylics on canvas. These pieces are based on photographs taken by the artist.
DRAGON'S GARDEN - Watercolor and one pastel paintings focuing on dragons in the garden and in astrology mostly in watercolors. The flowers depcted are near-botanical quality.
CITY [...]

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