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It’s magic when it works just right.   That is why I love the richness of both oils and watercolors - the juiciness of watercolors that seem to paint themselves and oils with a deep contrast and voice.  Mastery involves understanding the medium and getting the most out of each one.  The excitement comes when the light is captured “just so” and there is life in the painting.  After all the years, I continue to be fascinated with the color, the light and the magic of it all.
Since childhood and before I was painting in a studio or plain air, I was busy painting in my head. Time was, and is, spent imagining what colors to create, how to lay them down and how the colors would join to create that special spot in each painting.  That spot that is more than it is, drawing the eye in - just perfect, all by itself.
My work has exhibited  as far west as Bainbridge Island, Washington.  My work has been lucky enough to travel - paintings are in collections around the country and abroad.

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