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One of the most important aspects of drawing and painting is the effect of light. I'm less interested using too many symbols in a storyline that might be connected with the subject than I am about the way light establishes relationships between shapes, values, and colors.  I want to let the viewer determine the story.


Art is often a collision of coincidences and passion. Time and place aligned in unforeseen ways. Then a canvas, a smoldering affair with colors, movement, stillness. Brush strokes that capture a singular moment in time. Aaron Westerberg is a classically trained oil painter that explores the world of poetry through the use of color, shadow, contrast and tone. His work evokes emotions and connection that span beyond the piece itself. Connecting us with one another, connecting us with our own darkness as well as our brilliant light. His solo exhibition, “Distilled Memories”, captures that linked connection between us all.  The complexities of being alive, being human, loving and hurting. And our deepest yearning to immortalize brief instances of time, to cling onto them for as long as we can. Remembering every freckle, every curve and every flicker of light across skin. His work is evocative, captivating eyes while forcing us to feel emotions we may have long forgotten. He utilizes color in a way that inspires sentiment, layering and composing shades like a sonata. Even in stillness there exists a perpetual movement in his works. Aaron is a creator of beauty, a reminder that it can exist in the unexpected places and should be captured, held and shared.
Westerberg started his Art education with Jeffery Watts, then taught painting at the California Art Institute from 2000- 2005 and from 2005-2010 was a popular faculty member at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. Mr. Westerberg’s work was chosen Best in Show in the Raymar Annual Art contest as well as  the BoldBrush painting competition and as a finalist in the figurative, drawing, and animal categories of ARC International’s annual Salon. His work “Belena” was chosen for the cover of the hardcover book, “Strokes of Genius”, a collection of the best drawings from [...]

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