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I was born in Israel and grew up in Haifa, a beautiful port city in the north of the country.  As customary in Israel I served in the Israeli army, teaching illiterate immigrants who came from the Atlas mountain in Morocco (where they had been living in caves) to read.  After that I went to London to study Fashion Design and then worked as a Textile designer back in Israel for some years. 
After the war in 1973 claimed the life of  my  husband, I moved to Italy with my (then 3 years old) son to study art in Florence.  Through the years I  explored other media and art forms including jewelry, weaving and Knitting designs.

Now living in Michigan  I am  concentrating on fine art.
I am a member of Battle Creek Society of artists,  Plein air Artists of West Michigan and Southwest Michigan watercolor Society.
I get inspiration from what I see & create with it what I feel.  My photography shows the angel I look from. In my painting I take the subject & play around with its flows, movements and colors. 
I like to look at life & create.  

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