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"As a young boy growing up in the 1950s, I used to lie on my back in the lush, cool, green grass of Summer and look up at the puffy, white clouds floating in the azure blue sky.  I would see all sorts of images in those beautiful clouds.  Now, I look at everything in the world as a potential painting.  Where I once only heard the beauty in music, I now also see beauty in all the colors and forms of the objects around me.  And for this, I thank my Creator."
                                                                                                             Artist Biography
Dr. Atmur H. Stokes, a retired physician, is a mostly self-taught artist.  He studied briefly with master artist Chris Thomas.  Dr. Stokes was born in Henderson, Kentucky on the banks of the beautiful Ohio River and has been painting since his early teens.  Before going to medical school, he majored in music at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and now enjoys his free time playing classical piano, Renaissance and Baroque music on his harpsichord, and playing Renaissance lute as well as other musical instruments.  However, due to suffering a significant hearing loss he now focuses his creative energy more on oil painting, but while still making time for music.
While doing his internship and residency in medicine in upstate New York, Dr. Stokes had a harpsichord built for him in the Franco-Flemish style. Traditionally the soundboards were painted with flowers and a bird using egg tempera as a medium.  While the main body of the harpsichord was being built in the builder's workshop, Dr. Stokes took the soundboard and painted flowers and a dove on it using the same egg tempera technique. 
Dr. Stokes has, and still does, paint in the style of realism, but has expanded into two [...]

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