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paintings have their own reality. They stand alone and speak for themselves according to each viewer's own understanding. Taking chances with my work, I am never quite sure if what I paint today will become a composition I feel connected to...or may just be painted over at the end of the day. It often does. I prefer to work spontaneously and unrehearsed, painting directly onto my surface without much planning or deliberation. This for me is the rawest and purest form of expression.
Some of my latest paintings are reminiscent of the work I did in the mid-1990s and into 2000 for a number of large clubhouses of private residential golf and country clubs down South. It was a great privilege then -- besides my galleries and wonderful private clients -- to also work with developers, architects and the interior design industry. I have now gone full circle by entering that field again up here in the NY and CT areas. Life is and raised in Bavaria, Germany, I began my formal art education in Munich at the Blocherer School of Art, followed by a one year apprenticeship in Paris at the studio of Russian sculptor Ivan Szabo. I subsequently took up residence in Austria, where I continued to evolve my artistic vision and personal approach to art. 
Since moving to the United States, I have exhibited my work in galleries in New York, Florida, Arizona and other areas of the country. My paintings can be found in private as well as corporate collections around the world. I currently live with my husband and our dog Bailey outside of New York City where I also maintain a of the galleries in which my paintings have been exhibited include:
- RVS Fine Art, Southampton, New York
- Cloutier Gallery, [...]

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