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Howard and his client Amanda L. working on the power of social media.
At Artist Sales & Marketing, you get our highly experienced, personal attention.
We work one-on-one, with artists of all disciplines, who are ready to have their art reach new or expanded markets.

Once we determine what your specific sales and marketing goals are, we’ll develop a written plan to achieve them. We’ll also help you to recognize obstacles to success, and we’ll provide the tools you need to overcome them.
You’ll have four, one hour sessions within one month, with a team member who will guide you through a plan to establish a marketing routine. Together, we’ll create a practical action plan that will fit your goals, your time and your financial resources. During your one month program you’ll also have access to email and telephone support between sessions for concerns that can’t wait until your next weekly session. (Photo of Howard Cooperman and his client, Photographer Dan Tarradellas)
Seeking gallery representation? In today’s world, fine art galleries are becoming more difficult to gain access to. There are fewer brick and mortar galleries than just 5 years ago. That makes it very competitive to find representation. With the right information, you will have a better chance to get your foot(more specifically, your art) in the door. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll get represented in a great gallery, we will help with the necessary tools to increase your chances. 

How you approach a gallerist matters. We’ll share our knowledge with you and assist you with proven step by step methods you’ll want to learn. Another reason your investment in our services makes a difference in your art career outcome. If you sell just a couple of pieces of art as a result of our coaching, your investment will have paid for itself. You’ll have those tools [...]

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