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A background of a fine arts education under the guise of a teaching degree by amazing KUTZTOWN UNIV. in PA. that encouraged and supported over 50 years of experimentation, imagination, seeking and finding... using printmaking, paint brushes, tools of all sorts, vast varieties of materials and methods to express through paints inks, papers, clay, etc.
it is the creativity itself, however, that deserves the kudos and i feel blessed that it  stalks me and forces me to turn and face it until it makes itself known.  i think of myself as a midwife waiting the arrival of a wonderful birth that needs my attention to help it into fruition.
i have had many wonderfilled opportunities that have given me awards, accomplishments, buyers, recognitions and an ongoing need to put color on something, move it around, be amazed  at what  is shown and challanged to see it become itself.
i  pop up in Hilton Head, S.C., Bluffton, S.C., the southern tier of Buffalo, NY and here in there as opportunity arrises. i am also part of the abstract group ART BEYOND TRADITION that has a show every 2 years in the Hilton Head area and show in the newly formed BRICK WALL GALLERY in the BAA on Bay st in BEAUFORT, S.C.  As a member of the HHAL our show in the ARTS CENTER Gallery changes monthly.
 We SEA PINES ARTIST show at local  Sea Pines Plaza in the Community Center and change our show about every 3 mos. at which time we have a wine and nibbles opening.

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