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Art & Music have the ability to change one's perspective and perception of life and the world.  I want my art to evoke emotion and inspire people to see the world in a new way.  My passion is lighting the fires of creativity!  My interest in art comes from my love of crafts and history.  I'm an artist, demonstrator and teacher specializing in working with students with special needs.  I love the stimulation of figuring out how to make the arts accessible to the Visually or Physically Handicapped student and working with the At Risk student population is a challenge I relish.  I have taught students from elementary to university level.  I have also presented workshops and classes for galleries, art centers, historical societies,and other government and municipal organizations.
I'm a 3rd generation Southern Californian transplanted to the Pacific Northwest.  My childhood was spent moving up and down the West Coast, as my father worked in the Defense Industry.  I developed an appreciation for many cultures and ideas.  As a result, I actively sought out opportunities to learn as much as possible about diverse subjects.
I had the good fortune to live on a mountain with my children and cook on a monstrous wood cookstove.  We practiced many pioneer living skills and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the big woods.  Weaving, moccasins, beadwork and basketry were part of our daily life.  We were active in living history production and performance for various events.  After retirement, I took up Watercolour Painting and Tapestry Weaving to accompany my lifelong interest in Flute and Recorder performance and Writing. 
I'm a member of several artist groups and continue my education in artistic pursuits with various experts.  I've taken numerous awards at multiple exhibitions, winning several Reserve Grand Champions and many 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards.  In the [...]

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