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Born 1965 and raised in Northern California,  Antonio found educational books on ‘How to Draw’ by Andrew Loomis and began his journey into art at the age of 10. Antonio moved to Santa Fe New Mexico in 1995, where he began a newfound love for atmosphere, color and light. With no formal training, Antonio enrolled into Santa Fe Community College, completing the beginning art classes that were needed to enroll in and complete Color Theory and Advanced Color Theory and Design. As a successful hair colorist and hair color educator his knowledge of color has allowed him to travel to many places around the world and throughout the USA.

Antonio is an avid plein air and Studio painter, building on the foundations of composition, value and local color and continuing to experiment and hone his personal style. Daily life drawing and plein air painting and studying from many renowned artists have elevated his technique in watercolor.  

Antonio currently lives in Santa Fe, NM with his husband, Dan, and their Lhasa Apso, Cree. He works in his own private art studio/gallery.

Antonio, a local, national and international award winning artist, has his art in private collections in Germany, London, Canada, Italy, Mexico and throughout the USA. Antonio’s Cuba art book is in a Museum in Havana, Cuba.

I am elevated to another space when painting. Creating atmosphere and light to tell a story to the viewer is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I enjoy breaking down what is in front of me into shapes and reorganizing them into a composition that evokes memories and feelings. 
Painting is more than copying what is presented in front of me. I can paint it how it is; that’s easy to do.
But I always ask myself, What is the feeling I get [...]

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