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The Artist Says:

Painting is what keeps me sane

Collectors Say:

"Who said he was sane?"
"I love paintings that are created with a palate knife.
I love dogs.
I love this portrait of Neva.
And I love this piece of writing especially
since it recognizes the life that is required
to paint, to compose, to read scripture.
And it’s more than just honing skills..
it’s life experience including all the 
things that make life rich."

"Love the Energy!"
"This is Amazing"
"I Love this"


Anthony Creech is a watercolor and oil painter in Richmond, Virginia.  
Although working a day job is an enjoyable reality for me, I crave creative release and have discovered it in the maddening challenge of painting. Maddening? Yes, because I’ve learned that sometimes you must master the brush and other times things work out for the better when you let the brush win. I am forever trying to understand why and how this is. The term artist’s magazines like to use is the “happy accident,” and the theory is that one can learn from them to create desired effects on purpose. Perhaps, but for everything you learn to master, there are fourteen more happy accidents waiting to challenge you. So, as with all educational processes, learning how to paint never actually ends.
I avoid conscious attempts towards developing a singular style, preferring with each new painting to deliberately challenge myself toward something different. If this painting was big, the next might be tiny. One may be detailed and precise, and when that happens, the next one’s features are likely to be vague. Serious…whimsical. Watercolor…oil. And so on. One constant in all my paintings is a love of the interplay of light and shadow. And trying to learn from those happy accidents. 

Commissions - I gladly take commissions - portraits, pets, homes, you name it.  I will work with you on size and medium.  However, I only trust my ability to create portraits in watercolor, so consider yourself warned.
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