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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.anthe.net

  • Year Born: 1953

  • Anthe's work has stayed current and has grown each year as she continues to explore new subject matter.

  • Anthe is a Graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and award winning artist in several mediums.

  • Anthe a successful artist and instructor with over 30 years of experience.

  • Price Range: $50.00 - $7,500.00

The Artist Says:

As an artist I dwell in a world of my own making and that is what I enjoy most about the journey.
Whether working in oil, acrylic, water, printmaking or sculpting I can create a world which is as unlimited as my creative thought. It enables me to express a multitude of moods; from excitement to the sublime. When viewed these works engage the viewer drawing them into my world. 
In my most recent works, what brings me joy is combining my love of dance and music. I work during live performances to create these images. Giving the performances permanence, I record that moment in time, putting the very breath of the experience into my art.  

Collectors Say:

When asked,  "What is it about my work you enjoy most?" this is what art collectors had to say about Anthe's artworks.
Paul Crum, "The paintings by Anthe are tactile- more than just paint on canvas. The work explores themes such as time, change, spirituality, and life though symbolism, texture, and color. The work also conveys a synthesis of ideas about the human experience though abstract motifs and stand as a permanent record of the goodness and joy that can be found in life through an open heart."

Debra Excharos, "Sometimes I run my fingers over the surface of the piece,  like this collage I purchased from Anthe,  I'm Doing The Best I Can. I run my fingers over it just to feel the tactility of it. This piece was created in with pasted paper, all cut paper. I enjoy my collection of artworks by Anthe. They bring me joy daily.”
I made this piece at a time when I wasn't sure I would be able to paint again due to a car accident and the onset of fibromyalgia. I made it with two torn tendons in my right hand due to a rear-end car accident. I had surgery and I was once again able to create; paint, collage and sculpt as before.  God is good!

Other Artists Say:



My mission is to create distinctive art that spreads joy!
I have always been an artist of some sort. When I was a small child I would take the cardboard pieces out of my dad's laundered shirts to paint and draw upon. I couldn't wait for the next delivery of clean shirts as it would be loaded with many a blank canvases for me to make my creations. I use to get paint by number kits as gifts, however, I was never one to stay in the lines so with those paints, my imagination and the cardboard inserts from my Dad's shirts I would paint, and paint and paint.  
I love art, and the creative process in all media. Besides fine arts and crafts, dance and music were other avenues of expression that I used during my youth and influences my work to this day. 
When I was in my twenties I was a disco and ball room dancer. I belonged to a dance troupe in the Cleveland, Ohio area called Hollywood & Company. Dancing was a fun and exciting outlet for me to express myself.   
Soon after relocating to Pennsylvania in my late twenties, I was hit by a drunk driver and that put an end to my dancing career. But not to the passion of what I felt when dancing, which remained within.  I continued to pursue the arts. I was encouraged and delighted to interview, compete, present and get accepted to The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the first and oldest art school in America. I worked hard and graduated with honors. It started me on an amazing artistic journey. 
After graduation and several years later I was an invited artist in residence of  CIEM - Center De L'Image Et De L' Estampe De Mirage' - Mirabel, Que'bec, Canada, where [...]

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