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I've always had a passion for art. I have been fortunate to spend my professional life creating art, educating about art, administering arts programs, curating and mounting exhibits and caring for collections. And then I got hooked on oil painting. 
I love painting in oil: the buttery feel of the paint, the smells, the gloss of the colors, the way the paint flows, the shared traditions of centuries of painters, the potential and challenge of a fresh canvas, the gathering of images in memory, photographs, sketches and especially on site in plein air. 
The challenge is not to try to duplicate what is before me as a snap shot might, but to simplify the complexity of the shapes, hues and patterns as well as the relationship between the forms that I observe. The goal is a harmonious composition that expresses the essence of what I am seeing and feeling, whether that is a sense of place, atmosphere, personality or simple beauty. 
Celebrating the beauty that surrounds us is an obvious choice in my work. The woods, waters, fields and everyday life are the subjects I explore most frequently. I have had an opportunity to do some traveling over the years. Sketching and painting these locales is a wonderful way to experience a place, but most often I find I am inspired to paint, the everyday and the familiar. The scenes we take for granted become magical when bathed in evening light or kissed by the sun. The vistas and nooks I know best in this place I call home are closest to my heart and seem to call out most loudly for expression with my brush. 
Member:  Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society

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