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I am hopeful that your encounter with my art has provoked a curiosity about my motivation. I confess a dependence on you and specifically your interest in my work.

The effort of making art remains incomplete, unconsummated without the final work of exposing and then sharing it with others. I confess the seductive hope of attracting your interest, response and  making a connection through my art is energy that fuels my work. Art is a conduit-a non-verbal communication, that endeavors to express the universal elements of  time, place and  the human condition. The essential, binding, and defining marks of light, life and time inspire, invite and instruct my effort. All these things connect artist and observer.
I selfishly draw and paint. My struggle to capture and revisit a moment that gives me pause and  provokes emotion, delivers a vast and boundless return for the effort.  In every moment of life,  actions taken, words spoken, and  work we embrace lies  a potential  for  connection and endorsement. I seek that connection  in our brief encounter here.. In a work of art I revisit a moment again and again, and  attempt to share my experience. If  you see or feel something in my work that gives you joy or pause or thought there is a moment of connection. These encounters and connections, undefined but real, are what survives us. It is all we ever truly own.

I am unconditionally invested in the work of making art. Your honest reaction to my offerings instructs, inspires, encourages, corrects and rewards me. I invite you to share  your thoughts about my work. I value your contributions and anticipate the rewards of your observations.

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