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Becoming an oil painter is Ann Tristani’s response to a lifetime of appreciating the wonder of creation.  After a childhood of romping through ravines and climbing trees, a college career majoring in biology and studio art, followed by marriage and raising four children, being a floral designer and teaching oil painting classes, it is with great passion that Ann responds to all of this with paint on canvas.
As an artist Ann has grown from being mostly self-taught to an artist who has over the last decade made it a priority to study with, paint with, and learn from many of the greatest Master Artists of our time. Ann is inspired by the way the light falls on a subject and hopes to draw viewers to ponder a moment of beauty they might not otherwise have recognized. The values, colors, shapes, and edges of a landscape or an object are what Ann is captivated by and compelled to paint in her expressive, impressionistic paintings as she continually strives to capture more perfectly the intangible effects of light, air, and distance.   
Ann says “I believe that my life as an artist is a journey of growth and discovery that never ends.  There is no shortcut to growing as an artist.  One must simply paint.  Often.  And from life.  It takes hard work, diligence, and determination.”  Because Ann has done this one can clearly see how her skill as an oil painter has evolved over the years.  The light has been turned on in her paintings; there is new boldness in her brush work and maturity in her use of color.
Finally, after a lifetime in Minnesota, Ann along with her husband Mark moved to Colorado in 2014. They live in an adorable 110 year old home they completely renovated in Edgewater, CO. After attending Heritage [...]

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