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Ann's favorite medium has been oils since her aunt gave her a set of oil paints for her 16th birthday.  Although she has used various media, her passion is painting with oils.  One can find her almost any day in her studio painting portraits, figurative works, or large scale landscapes or outdoors painting en plein air.  Ann’s large landscapes are in corporate and private collections in many parts of the country.  Most are East Texas scenes and include streams and lakes.  She is always drawn by the peacefulness of a place and she paints that serenity on the canvas.   Ann began "A Painting a Day" in August, 2007 and continued through August, 2008 posting a photograph of each painting on her blog.  It is a learning experience that places a priority on creating a small painting every day in addition to her larger works.  She continues to paint almost every day.  Ann has painted many commissioned portraits, still lifes, figurative works, and murals and has received numerous awards for her art.    She earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Art from Sam Houston State University and teaches part time in a local college.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America and Outdoor Painters Society.  Ann lives in Lufkin, Texas with her husband and two cats. "I want people to not only see what I see, but feel what I feel when I paint a subject.  My purpose is not to see how accurately I can depict a landscape or a figure, but how much I can draw the viewer into my painting so they see and feel what I saw and felt."

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