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  • Price Range: $200.00 - $1,250.00
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I have always had a love of drawing and from an early age loved to draw horses and strangely enough sailing vessels of all kinds.  Strangely, because I grew up in the high desert of New Mexico.   Life, however, had a different path in mind for me.  Marriage, motherhood and work kept me busy every minute of every day.  I still found opportunities from time to time to draw, but never pursued art beyond that...until one day my adult daughter said "let's take a painting class together."  I have been hooked ever since.  
I never realized when I got back to art many years ago how much it would eventually take over my life...take over in a good way.  I look at everything differently,  I see colors that I would never have noticed before, shadow shapes and their colors and the way changing light will affect a subject.  Mixing colors for me at one time was so hard and now it is second nature. 
I paint what inspires me, what makes me stop and notice, that which makes my heart beat just a bit faster.  I love working in my studio and yet wish I were a better plein air painter.  I just love everything about painting.  It is my soul.
"between reality on the one hand, and the point where the mind strikes reality, there's a middle zone, a rainbow edge where beauty comes into being, where two very different surfaces mingle and blur to provide what life does not: and this is the space where all art exists and all magic" Donna Tartt

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