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Ann Osenga, born in currently lives and works in She is a self taught artist and began painting in 1974. Inspired by the many hours spent in museums studying the finest details in still life and portrait paintings, her subjects are unassuming, everyday items such as apples, clothing, old leather, antique items and also for her love of painting people. Her paintings are embraced with nostalgic, whimsical and humorous nature and pose an idiosyncratic exactitude. Osenga renders a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface with realistic shadowing. She takes the abandoned and creates icons and memorials to a simpler and distant past.
Her paintings and cutouts represent objects rendered in extremely fine detail, emphasizing the illusion of tactile and spatial qualities. The effect is so extraordinary that it is nearly impossible to realize at first sight if her works are paintings, sculptures, or real objects.
“ As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by still life and tromp ‘l oiel paintings. I would spend hours in museums studying the finest details. Always being interested in art and involved in one way or another, I began my first oil painting in the winter of 1974. In the fall I took my first seven paintings into York to the art show and sold out the first weekend. I have not stopped painting since then”.
There is a certain beauty I feel in a broken basket or worn leather that would probably go unnoticed by others. To capture this beauty on canvas, it is saved forever. So many people have said how they can remember a time in their life that they see in a painting, this is the best compliment that, myself as an artist could ever receive, that I have captured a memory”.
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