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  • Price Range: $300.00 - $700.00
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Painting was something I was encouraged to pursue by an art teacher in high school.  During that year, she noticed a talent in me and shared her enthusiasm with my mother.  As a result, my mom  took me to a local art supply store and that is where my journey began with my love of  painting.

I began to see life through artist eyes.  I have since been stimulated by the visuals of human figures in various movements, the serenity of country scenes including various buildings and foliage.  My style is more on the impressionistic side with some leaning toward a splash of realism.
I consider myself to be basically self taught.  I most often take pictures of what moves me and then translate that to how that photo makes me feel onto canvas.  I get such joy in transforming what I see into my own interpretation.  
When the brush is in my hands and the aroma of paint surrounds me, it is truly the time when I feel more like my true authentic self.  Time often escapes me while I am engrossed with creativity pouring on to my canvas.

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