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Annie Fountain is an oil painter who likes to paint on location. Her love for doing landscapes began years ago when she braced herself for the cold and fog and toted her painting gear down to Baker Beach in San Francisco. If you haven’t been there, it is most assuredly one of California’s most pictorial spots. That day in nature, cold and shivering, she learned both the joys and frustrations of plein air painting. 
She loves it still, and travels near and far, by car and, occasionally, air. For her, painting on location is a passion. She uses her home studio for larger works which are usually based on studies from the field, along with reference photos for added detail.
You can recognize Annie’s oil paintings by the way she utilizes the luscious and creamy nature of the medium, by her unique brushstroke and use of a fairly limited palette. A limited palette obliges the painter to use the base colors of red, yellow and blue (and white) to mix most colors. If done well, it gives a painting harmony. It’s not an easy technique because it requires advanced planning while executing the painting. However, she has accomplished a great deal of skill with this technique which gives her work a light-filled vibrancy.
Annie’s paintings are all about the world around her. Sensing the rapid loss of open space in the Sierra, she is motivated to capture it as it is right now. It’s a way to express herself – a way to express how she feels about the things she cherishes.
When asked why she paints, she says, “I like the challenge and it’s very rewarding. Once I was exposed to painting outside, I was hooked. I’ve always been an outdoor person, so it’s a good fit.”  
Bachelor of Science, Biology, San Francisco State University
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