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Growing up with a father who had lots of artistic talent, I always wanted to understand his love for drawing but I just couldn't get the prospective correct or finish an acrylic painting I started in high school.  Eleven years ago, my father, Bill West, invited me to his art class, with Kathryn Gray instructing.   He inspired and introduced me to oil painting as well as some wonderful friends who are artists in my class today.  He loved being a part of Kathryn’s Art Class.  She too is one of my mentors.  She has many talents ~ including her teaching skills.  Her patience and love for painting is contagious!  As a full-time Realtor at KY Select Properties, I work many weekends.  Thursdays are my ART days! Yes, 11 years ~ many Thursdays at the Gray studio!  As I travel with my family, husband and friends, I want to be able to express my appreciation for many beautiful things in life.  It's surprising how much we all take things for granted.  When I choose a subject to paint, it is either somewhere I have traveled or something I  "see" every day (like a tree) and don't realize its beauty.  The key to my painting is to “get the feel” ~ whether it be by looking at it through the the lighting, the beautiful colors or experience the peacefulness. All of  my paintings come  from my heart.  I’m always looking forward to more great opportunities for workshops to learn even more. " Plein Air" painting is one of my favorites!  I love painting outdoors.   I hope to release the lovely feelings (and appreciation) of subjects so you can enjoy them in your home, office or pass along as a gift.  Please feel free to contribute your comments or suggestions to me [...]

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