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  • Price Range: $59.00 - $2,200.00
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At age 18, I decided not to study art, nor pursue an art career, because I thought it was impractical. So I majored in English Literature instead. This was almost as impractical as a degree in art, so I went to Nursing School. After earning Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nursing, and working for over 40 years as an RN--mainly in Neonatal Intensive Care and in Staff Development--I now have the opportunity to pick up what I put on the back burner as a teenager.
At present, I am working almost entirely with oil paints on either gallery-wrapped canvas, or panels. I describe my painting style as "representational impressionism". My objective is to try to make art that I don’t mind looking at. If an image is accessible to me by being something recognizable, then I hope that others will react to it in the same way.
For this reason, I have been focusing mainly on local landscapes -- with and without architectural features. I think that this helps imbue my work with a "sense of place".

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