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My family and I have lived in a variety of places including Germany; the coast of Texas; Georgia; British Columbia, Canada; San Diego, California; Phoenix, Arizona. I now reside in Palm Springs, California. 
Beautiful scenery abounds everywhere and I am grateful for the chances I've had to live in some of the most beautiful places. Driving through the country, watching the ocean waves, witnessing a magnificent sunset or spending time in my garden inspire and push me to capture this beauty with paint. I am constantly aware of the beauty that surrounds me and see everything through an artist's eyes. Color and texture excite me.
Although I took some college and private gallery art classes, I consider myself mostly self-taught. I study the work of other artists and continually try new techniques and tools. I work in oil and acrylic.
I love painting animals. They drive my artistic impulses and motivation. I feel most accomplished when I finish an animal portrait.  
I raised four boys. We always had cats and dogs, hamsters and snakes. I recently lost my sweet cat that I had for over five years. She was my inspiration. She kept me company while I painted and was always there no matter what I did. I really miss her. 

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