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Annette Emens is a mixed-media artist who lives and works in Yerington, Nevada.
Discovering her artistic gift as a young child in a family of eleven, Annette simply used whatever medium was available because there was no money for "hobbies."
She learned early on that she could express herself artistically using unusual media, including the juice from succulent plants in the neighborhood.
After marrying and starting a family on a tight budget, she continued her art using everyday materials. Ultimately she taught herself to sculpt and created papier mache art, using soda bottles, glue, and newspaper.
A true art lover, she then taught herself how to create art with encaustic wax. Annette finally found her niche when she combined sculpting and encaustic wax, creating her own unique style. Her true joy in life was discovered when she married that unique style with her passion for the victims of human trafficking, creating a body of work focused on hope and freedom for those held captive. Her work helps to fund the organizations Love 146, Underground Railroad, and Defend Innocence which fight human trafficking.
Annette studied watercolor under Lady Jill Mueller and oil painting under Daniel Edmondson. ?

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