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My name is Anne Spoon, I was born to be an artist, it is all I have ever wanted to be and quite frankly is one of the few things I 'm pretty good at. I was born in the Bronx, New York, attended The School of Visual Arts. Today  I live in Oklahoma, Yes, that is a long way from New York, but after 25 years this is home, and some of the things I love most in the world are right here.
I have spent the past two decades painting people, places and objects that have a quiet beauty, perhaps seemingly simple, and often overlooked until painted.  I want you to experience Autumn leaves in a swirling dervish, minnows just beneath the surface of a clear creek, an old dog sleeping in the sun, or a bottle stained with a kaleidoscope of age. These  are the subjects that speak to my heart and call to be painted.


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