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“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.”     
                                                                                                          -Edvard Munch
As a child I spent very little time inside; therefore I started my studies of nature early in my life. Nature inspires me because it is a mysterious, exciting, rejuvenating, and (all too) fleeting resource.

Although I have experienced many losses in my life, my art does not directly talk about those things. My voice comes from the enhanced sensations after a long run in fresh air. When pushing my body and mind, I feel completely alive; every nuance of the world around me is intensified. Being able to hold a feeling in my mind’s eye and express it, creates – for me – a closer connection with all life. My hope is to inspire others to think about how we treat creatures, our natural world, and each other.

Animals hold a sacred place in my heart. I work to reflect their creature curiosity, personality and vulnerability.
My paintings are done with pure oil paint (sometimes a little cold wax medium) and influenced by JW Turner, Joaquin Sorolla, Constable, Corot, and other painters of life’s amazing energy and light. The result of color dabbed on a fresh canvas is exciting; and, sharing this ability gives me great joy.

I’m now using my degree teaching children, teens and adults privately, after school and at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. I share with my students the deep satisfaction that comes from expressing outwardly our inner [...]

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