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Anne Molasky, a contemporary American artist. A painter of people and places and teacher of art. Inspired by light, color, texture, people - their character and their wisdom, mother-nature, and life. “Being an artist is an integral way of thinking, feeling and seeing. It is about how one looks at the world, the way we think, strategize, reflect, contemplate - it’s about our passion and determination to figure out how things work. Pursuing art is a choice, being an artist is not. It is what I am, have always been and will always be.”
Currently, Molasky is concentrating on large figurative works that are a culmination of her years of painting commissioned portraits and plein-air landscapes. She earned her BFA degree from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1983 where she studied with Wilbur Neiwald. She spent a year studying at the New York Studio School of Drawing and Painting in 1986/1987. She then received her MFA from Washington University St. Louis in 1994. With a love of learning and a desire to continue growing as an artist, she spent a year studying at the New York Studio School of Drawing and Painting, as well as having taken workshops with many artists including Everett Raymond Kinstler, Michael Shane Neal, Dawn Whitelaw Casey Baugh and Victor Wang  for portraiture, landscape painting with Scott Christensen and Henry Yan for figure.
Since the year 2000, Ms. Molasky has built a thriving portraiture business. Her client list began in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, where she continues to paint portraits of people and animals on commission and has painted portraits for dozens of families in St. Louis, Missouri as well as clients ranging in locations from Cape Cod to Charleston.
At 16 years old, Molasky began studying painting and entered her first art competition, where she won in the [...]

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