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I am a creator made in the image of our creator God who shared with me a bit of himself, giving me a passion, even a need, to create. I love to face a blank canvas and paint it into something the viewer’s eye can walk into. Exploring colors fascinates and excites me. My career in interior design has fostered my exploration of color relationships that I now put to use in painting.  I love the quest to improve, knowing that I could spend the rest of my life working toward my vision of what is good in my work. I love that painting has enhanced the way I see the world, that a hike or neighborhood walk is richer b/c of the way I’m learning to see. Though the craft of painting is so challenging it can be my relaxation. While painting I’m at one with the experience of the location, the feel of the paint sliding onto the canvas and the image emerging with each stroke.  I consider it a great privilege to be able to spend time studying the beauty of creation and sharing my interpretation of that with others.
Painting is joy to me. 
I work primarily in oils and paint still lifes, figures and landscapes.
Anne Darrah, a local Houston artist, began a creative career in Interior Design after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Drawing studios while in school awakened an interest in fine art that Anne later pursued with growing passion through classes and workshops with local and nationally recognized artists.For more information please contact Anne at 713-299-9007 or at [email protected]

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