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"Painting must have been in my blood just like my devotion to animals.  There simply is no explanation for it other than that it was meant to be.  After graduating high school in Norway, I studied art with the Hicks Art Center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Almost 25 years would pass before making art my full time career.  I started by painting dogs because they have always occupied positions in the animal world that were closest to our affections and they continue to play roles that mirror the activities and needs of the humans they live with.  Today I enjoy painting all animals, including birds, and have found new challenges as they are not as accessible for study, and tend to evade you.
My paintings do not represent any hidden symbolic meanings.  My spirit is justified by my own good and bad fortune and completely personal.  I simply wish to leave behind an intimate, yet accurate depiction of the animals I paint as we know them during my time. If there is any message… there is beauty all around us!

I have been very blessed in that my paintings are present in many private collections throughout the United States and abroad.
I also accept private commissions, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss details of this.


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