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Hello there!  I’m Ann Atkinson, a visual storyteller, marketing guide, and studio manager.  My passion is shining the light on businesses and artists, building their confidence to thrive in a digital world. 

My journey has been a bit unusual (whose hasn't?), and it all started when two people fell in love.
All I was looking for was a dance partner when I met Steve Atkinson at swing dance class.  We both lived in Minnesota at the time and married a few years later.  Steve was working in commercial illustration and design.  I was a project manager.  We were both successful, yet neither of our careers were fulfilling anymore.  Something had to change, and we were open to discovering our next adventures.

Steve made the transition to a full time fine artist in 2008, and never looked back.
After years of working for corporations, too many hours to count, and yes, burnout, in 2014, I took the leap to join my husband in growing  Steve Atkinson Studio.  By then we’d been living in Prescott, Arizona for five years.  I quickly learned there is A LOT to handling “everything but paint” for a full time artist.  
I figured I could apply my skills at streamlining processes for back office work.  Getting a handle on the studio procedures opened time to learn about art marketing.  Thanks to the guidance from successful people, having fabulous art to share, and staying true our values, the Studio has grown.  We cherish all our patrons, many of whom have also become friends.
As a visual storyteller, I've also found a niche for building websites and incorporating social media for artists, small businesses, and non-profits.  Together, we can shine the light on what sets you apart, and connect with people who care about what you do.
Giving back is important to me, so I've [...]

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