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Anna was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  She studied nursing and became a Registered Nurse specializing in Surgery.  As a child she had always wanted to be an artist and continued to draw and paint throughout this period of her life.  In 1971 she moved to Arizona and started an active pursuit of an art career.  She completed various college art classes, including color and design, and has studied with several renown artists such as, Rex Brandt, Robert E. Wood, and Gerald Brommer.
Having worked in Pencil, Ink, and Watercolor for several years, Anna found excitement in experimenting with color and the Batiking process.  As she experimented, she found that the combining of this process with watercolor on rice paper gave her the different and unique quality she was striving for. By using this process the finished paintings have a stained glass appearance that is both luminescent and vibrant.   Anna continues to experiment with different medias and she finds that with Pastel Painting she can continue to use  color, and underlying design, to moves the viewer to be part of a particular place or subject.  Anna has a love for expressing herself in various formats  and enjoys painting many scenes from her travels here  and abroad. 
Anna Balentine presently maintains a studio in the Arizona desert and is a member of the Sonoran Arts League.  She has exhibited in galleries throughout the southwest, and, has numerous paintings and prints hanging in both private and corporate collections.  Her commissioned works are in demand and many of her images were also produced by Joan Cawley Publishing in posters.  Anna is publishing limited editions and her own line of cards and small prints shown here on her web site.

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