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Following a dream
Do you have dreams? And have you made them come true?
And do you know that art and images can help you acheive your dreams?
Anita didn't know about that growing up. She just loved drawing and painting. And believed she was lucky to get into art school at the age of 20. Little did she know that life had sectrets in store for her. Secrets about what art can do, what images can do. Hidden in a painting she did of her kids.
Sitting in her grandmother's kitchen, she was drawing and painting as a kid, her way of finding peace in a house full of people. At Christmas she would get paper and colorful pencils and discovered the Magic of creation. And - turning  12, she had a very vivid dream seeing lots of illustrations and images. The dream was so real, she can still see them in her head. And somehow she knew this was what she wanted to do. Her grandmother had also magazines, where she would find inspiration. Colorful illustrations inviting her into the Magic of images and storytelling.
In 1990 she graduated from Gemini School of Illustration, with diploma with distinction. She discovered this School by chance - if that is how you would think - in one of Norways most popular magazines at the time - Hjemmet. There was an article about the school and the Norwegians who studied there. Not thinking she would ever do as well as those excellent students shown in the magazine, she still picked up the courage, applied, and got in. And for 3 whole years she made sure to learn everything she could. Going home, she already had a commission in her suitcase and started living her dream. She worked for magazines in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, she did postcards, bookcovers, portraits, [...]

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