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Twenty years ago I started painting at a local  art school.  We started with charcoal drawing from a simple set up to working with oils from a photo reference.  After years of painting like this, every art teacher, art book and workshop I had taken, advised to paint from life.  This took me into a weekly practice of painting with live models.  Oil paint is by far my favorite medium as it is so forgiving and I can always go back and work or rework a piece until it feels right.  I now paint on smooth primed panels rather than canvas, which I find to be easy to paint on, store and frame.
Along the way, I began working with watercolor and collaging with a variety of papers, feathers, leaves, stamps, old letters and/or anything that I found interesting.  Watercolor collaging is a wonderful way to look at composition.  If it doesn't appeal, just move it all around until it does. It also helps break thru those creative blocks. 
Currently, I paint outside in Plein air as much as possible, however, I am a fair weather Plein air painter, so on nasty weather days I find fresh flowers to paint.
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