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"Nancy Angelini Crawford is an Alaska resident artist.  She paints plein air and from life as often as possible.  Her subject matter can vary widely as she loves to paint what moves her with the hope that the viewer is moved as well.  Her style of work has been coined as "emotional realism".  She has shown her work, studied and taught worldwide winning various awards.

Nancy Angelini Crawford grew up in New England.  A love of the ocean, harbor towns and crayons were her favorite things. At a young age Nancy was accepted to the Famous Artists School by drawing replicas of cartoon characters   That was her beginning of understanding concepts, instruction and critiques.   In her late teens, Nancy moved to Florida for a winter reprieve as a glass blower and soon met her husband to be. While there she also worked as a studio assistant to a prominent artist of West Palm Beach. 
In 1981 an extreme change took place.  Nancy and her husband settled in Alaska. Living the frontier dream, they lived off the land, built a cabin and started their family.  Building their home, working jobs and raising children took precedence.  For a while, art was on hold.
After residing in Wasilla, Alaska for over 30 years, her children raised, she began taking local watercolor classes and then moved on to studying under contemporary masters such as Kevin McPherson, David Gallup, Dean Larson and others.  Without a formal education Nancy continues to travel and take workshops to always push to take her art to the next level.  
Gleaning bits from each artist instructor Nancy's work now carries her own voice.   
No matter what the medium, (watercolor, pastel or oil) her goal is to know the techniques well,
apply them, and then embellish with her own style.
Alaska's beautiful scenery, her past by the sea and travels [...]

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