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 I became an artist for the love and passion I feel when creating, I truly believe that God put this creative spirit in me.  Even though art did not come naturally to me I so wanted to paint that I became diligent in learning and practicing this craft.  I am fascinated with color, how different values that lay beside each other give off a vibration or energy, it is somewhat similar to music. I also find it interesting on how color affects our mood and also how certain paintings with their color combination can be somewhat healing.  As you can tell by looking at my paintings I paint in vibrant hues, high energy. My work is focused on color combinations to interpret the subject.
I am inspired when I am outdoors in God's creation , looking at the way the sun hits an object and how it becomes alive.  Many ideas run through my mind on how to translate what I see and feel on canvas. When I get back to my studio  I start working with different  values till I see that it is giving me the energy the painting and I beckon for. The majority of my work are in acrylics,  I also work with oils  and different mediums to get the impact that I want to achieve.  I challenge myself to learn and explore with each painting I create.I  travel to New Mexico  yearly to paint in the open colorful space , I love how the sky seems to change constantly.  Many ideas come to me while I am there experimenting with different colors and shapes , it allows me to push myself. 
I live on an island in Florida watching the pelicans fly by, hunting heart shapes on the beach and feeling mighty blessed to be a child of God.
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