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For Andrew Semanda Muwanguzi art is an act of translation. Whether he’s translating beauty onto the canvas, or translating his emotions into tangible reality, he strives to strike creative balance between mediums, images, and composition.
Born in Kampala, Uganda, Andrew is now based in Saugus Massachusetts, where his work attempts to illustrate the charms of New England. From realistic cityscape pencil sketches to dreamy watercolors, his work allows him to share his thoughts and experiences with the world.
Andrew studied at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art, where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Fine Art. Originally interested in pursuing a career as a Graphics Designer, Andrew discovered his true calling after a workshop with renowned watercolor artist, Thomas Schaller. In the simplification of detail that watercolor demands, Andrew found innovative, unique ways for his paintings to capture the feeling behind his subjects.   
Active in the artistic community, Andrew is an associate member of many art societies, including the American Watercolor Society, Copley Arts Society, and North Shore Arts Association. Whether he’s discovering innovative applications for watercolor with the National Watercolor Society, or capturing the historic beauty of New England with the New England Watercolor Society, he’s committed to pushing his art to new heights. An avid traveler, Andrew uses his art as a means to see the world, putting brush to paper every chance he gets.
2019:Group Exhibition: 11th Annual Salem art festival Juried gallery; Salem MA.
'Daylight, Path of light and light house'

2019: Solo Exhibition: Places I have been; Peabody, MA.
2019:Group Exhibition: Transposing modes, passages and pathways : ArcWorks Community Art Center; Peabody
‘Fisherman’s village-Lighthouse’
2017:Group Exhibition, New England Watercolor Society Clothesline show at Plymouth center for the arts; Plymouth MA
‘Cooper house’
2006: Group Exhibition: Best of me at Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and fine art Gallery; Uganda
‘Bee catcher’

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