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Andrée Ferguson didn't start out to be an artist when she grew up.  Even though she enjoyed drawing and taking art classes from a young age, after graduating from high school, Andrée enlisted in the Air Force as a Weather Analyst, and spent many years after her enlistment was up pursuing "traditional" jobs.  However, as the years passed, she found herself taking art classes and spending what free time she could painting.  In 2012, when she and her husband moved to California for his career, she decided to pursue an art career full time.  This is especially handy since it is a portable career, and her husband's work requires them to move every few years.  She and her husband Bill currently live in the beautiful Eifel Region of Germany near the Luxembourg border.
Andrée works in oils in the alla prima style because of the depth and freshness she can achieve.  She started painting exclusively in a studio, but quickly grew bored with the static environment and results she was getting on canvas.  She has always loved the Master French Impressionists and realized if she wanted to capture even a tiny bit of the light and movement found in their paintings, she was going to have to move outside to paint - so she did!  Painting en plein air has had the added benefit of enhancing Andrée's studio work, and her paintings have become more colorful and vibrant because of it.  She is especially drawn to European subject matter after living in England for 6 years in her twenties, and now in Germany.  "I am influenced by beautiful architecture and scenes that evoke a sense of nostalgia.  I call my work travelscapes because they are not only places I've traveled to, but I also hope to transport the viewer to a period [...]

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